Gabby Otchere Darko warns Bawumia & NPP not to play Politics of Equalization.

Is there a division in the Party as a results of the economic crisis in the country?

Gabby Otchere Darko is known to be highly vocal on Twitter, about issues pertaining to the government, NPP Politics, Lifestyle and what have you. Meanwhile, he neither holds a position in the party nor in government. But he knows whatever goes on in the day to day affairs of government.

Gabby is widely known to be one Akufo Addo’s cousins, and as a family they hold conversations on several matters of state, which the President may not share with other high ranking state officials because of trust.

However, Vibeweek cannot substantiate whether Gabby holds any grudge with the Vice President on his recent utterances and public statements. However, his Tuesday tweet in a way, sends a strong warning to the vice president and other party officials.

Gabby said the NPP must stop playing equalization on interest rates, cedi depreciation and inflation with the opposition NDC. He said the world is undergoing a serious economic challenges which is the first of its kind and therefore politics of equalization cannot solve it.

“NPP shouldn’t play the politics of equalization with the NDC on inflation, interest rates & cedi depreciation. The world is facing an economic crisis like never before in peace time. Ghana has been hit very hard because our economic recovery was being delicately managed pre-COVID”

The Popular Legal Practitioner again stated that 2022 is not an election year so the NPP government should not treat Ghanaians as voters, but rather citizens. He emphasized that Politics of equalization only works in an election year, so government should find ways to bring relief to Ghanaians.

“This is not election year, so don’t treat Ghanaians like voters but citizens. Politics of comparisons works when elections are before us. Right now people just care about how to make ends meet. Use your energy in showing what is being done to bring relief.”

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