Fomena MP threatens to withdraw his support for the NPP if his demands are not met


Lawyer Andrew Amoako Assiamah has allegedly threatened to withdraw his support for the New Patriotic Party if his demands are not met.

According to close sources, the Fomena MP was promised a big position in exchange for his support, after he won as an independent candidate in the Dec. 7th election.

He was able to beat the NPP candidate with a good margin, after he was sacked from the party ahead of the 2020 election.

His approach towards contesting as an independent candidate in Fomena after being an NPP MP raised a lot of questions. It was reported that the NPP constituency Chairman wanted him out of office and his intimidation in his bid to be re-elected scared him to file as an independent candidate.

God being so good, he won the election to the surprise of Ghanaians.

However, he seem not a happy man since his biggest demands were being sidelined, according to our sources.

In a report filed by Vibeweek, he was promised a leadership role in the next Akufo Addo’s government. Vibeweek spoke to someone close to the MP and it was revealed that he opted for 3 requests in order for him to support the party in parliament.

Meanwhile, one of his demands was to get the NPP Chairman of the constituency out, and now the party chairman has been forced to resign 3 weeks after the election.

His other requests were to be appointed as a Chairman of a Committee in Parliament or as a Minister.

Strangely, it seems he is being sidelined by the Party as loads of names are being vetted for the positions he has demanded for.

A close source told Vibeweek that, Lawyer Assiamah is being sidelined since a lot of names have been submitted for various positions in government.

Akufo Addo is expected to appoint more than 1,000 people to various positions in government after January 7, inauguration.

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