Can persons without voters ID card still vote in the elections? Jean Mensah answers


The Electoral Commission led by its Chairperson, Madam Jean Mensah, has revealed that citizens without their voter Identification cards would still be allowed to vote in tomorrow’s election.

According to her, this will allow citizens who have registered but have misplaced their cards to still take part in exercising their franchise in the 2020 polls.

Furthermore, she explained saying, people with such issues would just be required to mention their names at the polling station to the officers in charge. The officers will, in turn, cross-check the name in the reference list, and it is found, they will be given the opportunity to vote. Madam Jean Mensah said during her Press Conference on December 6, 2020.

Interestingly, for the first time in the history of elections in this country, a former president is returning to unseat the sitting President.

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