You’ll be bounced at my wedding if you don’t bring any gift – Yvonne Nelson


The notion and assertion that Ghanaian do not have the habit of giving especially gifts at events, has remained a topic that keeps coming up.

Every now and then, it comes up on social media usually after a wedding.

Some say guests attend weddings to show their new clothes and hairstyles.

While others go to take pictures and make videos for their social media followers.

In all cases, the guests remember to go with everything they’ll need but gifts for the newly weds.

And more often than not, videos of how much people love food and behave around wedding receptions have flooded the internet.

The latest person to add her voice to the matter is Yvonne Nelson.

The actress threatened that anyone who comes to her wedding without a gift will be thrown out.

She added that you cannot come and eat her Jollof for free and that Ghanaians should stop being stingy.

“You’ll be bounced at my wedding if you don’t bring a gift. You cant come and eat my Jollof for free. This perperh life must stop” she tweeted a while ago.

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