You will get to my age – Kofi Adjorlolo to Elikem


Veteran actor Kofi Adjorlolo could not hold back his emotions as he wept during a heated argument with Elikem Kumordzi over issues regarding producers not paying him after working for them.

“You will get to my age,” he told Elikem on Peace FM on Saturday.

After Kofi Adjorlolo’s public outburst last week about some Ghanaian producers owing him, Elikem took to Instagram to ask actors to get “a day job” aside from their acting career and stop complaining about the movie industry.

“So there is this plenty talks on online about Ghanaian producers don’t pay actors. It is actually a good thing for me that producers were not paying me. I agree that producer here in Ghana don’t pay. Some of them do, some of them don’t. For me I appreciate those producers for not paying me or for not paying me on time or making me go hungry because when man is in adversity he finds himself and that was what happened to me. I was hungry for being an actor and not finding wealth. You find work and won’t get paid enough…Back in the days on set, they used to send me on my motorbike. When they forget their microphone or camera I am the one to pick it up. I was literally an errand boy and I will get a role and I will love it and I will appreciate the fact that i was given a role… Being in that position made me realise this other talent of mine. Thank you very much producers association of Ghana for not paying me on time,” Elikem had said in a video he shared on Instagram.

“So find yourself something proper to do and stop complaining on the internet that producers don’t pay. Get something to do,” he added.

The statement didn’t go down well with a lot of his fellow actors who criticised him. Many saw his statement as gross disrespect to the veteran actor, who is otherwise called Papa Lolo.

Elikem, on the other hand, claimed he wasn’t referring to Kofi Adjorlolo, but he went on to apologise to him in another video he shared on Instagram.

According to Elikem, he was only advising young actors but he apologised to Kofi Adjorlolo because everyone has made his statement about the ‘old man.’

On Saturday, both men clashed on Peace FM and engaged in verbal exchanges, during which the veteran actor wept.

Kofi Adjorlolo asked Elikem to go to his father’s grave and render an apology to him if he wants to apologise to him.

In his response, Elikem lost his cool and said he has taken back his earlier apology to Kofi Adjorlolo.

He added that Kofi Adjorlolo’s statement about his father’s grave “shows how shallow everything is right now.”

But at the end, he again apologised to Kofi Adjorlolo after the host of Entertainment Review on Peace FM, Kwasi Aboagye, pushed him to do so.

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