Would you pay to watch if we produce enough movies – Joselyn Dumas asks Ghanaians


Award winning Ghanaian Actress, Joselyn Dumas has questioned Ghanaians attitude towards cherishing their own.

In her latest tweet, the ‘Perfect Picture‘ actress iterated why Ghanaians would rather pay to watch foreign movies rather than their own home-produced movies.

She was quick to compare the attitudes of Ghanaians and Nigerians towards patronizing their own movies.

She stated “It’s sad how Ghanaians troop to cinemas to watch foreign movies. Meanwhile Nigerians would troop to watch their own movies whether nice or not, its the deep innate need to support their own

She continued that “I laugh when you guys say we’re not producing enough movies. If we did, would you watch?

In series of tweets, Joselyn Dumas made a clarion call on all citizens to support Ghanaian movies.

Read her tweets below

Source: Vibeweek.com

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