Why Medikal is 10x bigger than Teephlow in 2021 – We settled it


It seems it’s simply easy to compare these two amazing Ghanaian rappers in order to settle the ongoing beef right now.

The beef between Medikal and colleague rapper, Teephlow seems to be dominating headlines this early February, as we are heading towards the Valentine’s day. For Vibeweek, we think there is one thing we must do in order for every music fan to understand the differences between Medikal and Teephlow.

The truth is music is an art form that comes with everything to make it more appealing to listeners and viewers. There can never be music without art and that is something people need to understand.

Medikal has found a way to earn the love of the street with his rap style, demeanor, brand, vibe and everything he literally does. He is one of the most valuable personalities in the music industry at the moment. Medikal has been able to capture the attention of Ghanaian music listeners not only with his comically-amazing rap verses that incites a different level of feeling across the street, but his vibe and energy.

Medikal seems really cool as he is being loved by all the industry’s big wigs; Shatta Wale, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, R2Bees and most of the top dawgs in music. He has found a way to earn their love and that was not done silver platter, it took him hardwork, focus and determination.

Medikal has been able to produce a good number of hit songs more the Cape Coast native, Teephlow and that’s not something to argue about, it is absolutely clear to even the dumbest person on earth. ‘La Hustle Remix’, ‘Omo Ada’, ‘Ayekoo’, ‘By Heart Boy’, ‘Too Risky’ and several are some of his biggest tunes till date. Medikal was the most Featured Musician in Ghana for 2020 and was Vibeweek‘s hottest MC of 2020 as well.

In terms of Fanbase, Medikal has got it more than Teephlow and that’s not lies. It is absolutely true and the numbers shows for it. On YouTube, Medikal has got the number than Teephlow and that’s the same thing on all social media and music streaming platforms.

Like I said earlier, Medikal has got the street credibility as many people still see Teephlow as an underground rapper in Ghana. He still proves that he got the rap with him but people still do not recognize him as the best rapper, as Sarkodie, Yaa Pono, Strongman are more recognized than him, when it comes to hard core rap.

Talking about Finances and Wealth, Teephlow lives outside the country at the moment, a university graduate and working in the US but Medikal seems wealthier than him in all honesty.

Medikal has also got the vibe and the attention heavier than Teephlow, as he keeps dominating headlines even if its not in a good light. Teephlow is still struggling to get the attention for his songs and other promotional activities.

We have more for you in our subsequent articles. Enjoy Vibeweek.com

Source: Vibeweek.com

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