Why Fella Makafui will not stop Over-Pampering Medikal on social media


Yes, they are legally married but it seems Fella Makafui has something she fears so much in the almost a year old marriage with Medikal.

Medikal seems like the biggest fish in the hiphop scene in Ghana, after being featured in almost every hiphop song of 2020. Netizens have began pushing him for VGMA Artist of the year as calls for nomination is fast approaching.

Nevertheless, his relationship seems like a tight nut on social media but everything does not look peaceful and nice as Fella has made us believed.

There were several reports that Medikal has impregnated and having an affair with another woman, getting to the latter part of 2020. But the story has wiped out from social media ever since.

Fella Makafui and Medikal

They are now the most talked about celebrity love birds and Fella wants to keep it like that until forever.

Medikal seems like a calm someone on social media when it comes to posting photos of his woman, as it pertains to most men. On the other hand, there has never been a day without Fella flaunting her husband on social media, especially on Twitter.

Fella Makafui, arguably snatching Medikal from Sister Derby always rings a bell in her mind and there is no way he will give any woman the chance to come close to her husband and the father of her daughter.

She is always on social media posting her photos and pampering Medikal to her Twitter fans and that’s what seems like every woman should do. But it doesn’t mean she should over do it.

Source: Vibeweek.com

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