Why Akufo Addo will hand over the Presidency to Bawumia in 2 years


Akufo Addo’s tenure as Ghana’s President will officially end in January, 2025 but I’m afraid to say, he will not be finishing his term, and that is quite strategic.

Akufo Addo after serving a little over 2 years or probably getting into his 2nd year in his last term will retire, and hand over the Presidency to his Vice, Dr Mahamadu Bawumia.

The trick is, his retirement will be attributed to health issues and that maybe true but behind the scene, it is a strategic tactic to push Bawumia for 2024, since he is Akufo Addo’s best bet.

Will his Party support him in his bid?

Someway somehow, his party may support him but that does not mean to say Bawumia can simply beat his top contender, Alan Kyerematen who has been fighting so hard to be President since 2008.

Alan is a solid force in the NPP Party, but over the years, he has not been very upfront than Bawumia.

Bawumia’s influence in government as Vice President and the second most powerful person in the NPP will give him the cutting edge of succeeding his boss.

According to someone close to the NPP Chairman Freddy Blay, “the President feels Bawumia is the best person from the NPP to be Ghana President after him

In addition, Dr Bawumia seems very pragmatic, eloquent and competent, as he is been noted as the most vibrant, outspoken and hardworking vice President in the history of Ghana.

On the other side, Alan Kyerematen has been too quiet in the past years and has somehow lost touch with the media and the Ghanaian people. He has not been seen more often speaking to issues, attacking the opposition, making himself more popular in the minds of the Ghanaian people and therefore it will be very hard for him to build himself up again for President, come December 2024.

Notwithstanding, he has still got some level of influence in his party and that can the magic.

However, President Akufo Addo knowing Bawumia, working with him for the past decade and more seems like the loyal partner and friend with who he can trust.

He still wants to control the party and government even in his retirement and therefore pushing Bawumia for President will be something he will not hesitate to do.

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