What Fomena MP demanded from Akufo Addo before joining NPP will shock you


The Fomena Parliamentary elections was the most topical subject in Ghana, during and after the Dec, 7th elections. Andrew Amoako Assiamah was the most popular figure in politics at the time. He still is, but can he retain such popularity for the next 4 years and more?

This is a very important question and we will delve into that someday. We can discuss what he needs to do with his PR and other matters. But that will be someday.

Now, our focus will be channeled to what really influenced his decision to come back to the NPP. What was the agreement? What informed his decision. He seem a super smart guy, and that’s a no doubt.

In order for him to maintain his image with the Ghanaian people, his demands for a big position in government after January, 7 must not be compromised for anything. He deserves it

According to close sources, he opted for 3 positions in government before accepting to be affiliated with the NPP again. He gave the NPP 3 options for available positions, but not in Cabinet, and that’s what amazes me.

However, our sources did not mention the particular position, but he gave us a hit and that will be available in our subsequent posts.

Meanwhile, read more on Vibeweek.com before the next follow up post drops.

Source: Vibeweek.com

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