We made black comedy what it is today – Steve Harvey


Popular American comedian-cum-author Steve Harvey has chastised the current generation of African-Americans for belittling his efforts in bettering the lot of their folks.

He lamented that the current kids “must have forgotten who I really am”.

Speaking exclusively on 3FM Drive with Giovani Caleb on Tuesday, the 62-year-old American said he came under a barrage of attacks when he met then US President-elect Donald Trump in 2017.

He said the young generation hid behind social media to attack him.

The host of Miss Universe since 2015 said he was saddened as most of this young social media users do nothing for themselves: “They ain’t shaking, they ain’t moving.”

He shed light on the period in America when they did not recognize Blacks to the current situation which has seen an African-American risen to be president.

“We fought so hard to be called African-Americans.”

Steve Harvey is Ghana to promote an African version of his show Family Feud.

The show is expected to be recorded in Johannesburg, South Africa with auditions in Ghana scheduled to be held on November 22 & 23.

“I am the first person from the US to do television in Africa,” he touted, adding that it was important for him to “come home and do some shows”.

For him, “my heart is in America…but my soul is Africa”.

He outlined some achievements for the Black race in the US masterminded by him which must not go unnoticed by the young generation.

“I spent my entire career changing Black people’s lives,” he revealed.

“We made Black comedy the big thing that it is today. . .but the young kids they forget it.”

Source: 3news.com

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