We act local but we think Global, Google my Success you lazy artist – Wendy Shay hits back at Fantana again


The ‘battle’ between Wendy Shay and Fantana is getting intense as Wendy Shay has again reply Fantana for calling her evil.

According to Wendy, Fantana has the time to google insults but doesn’t have the time to google her success to know she (Wendy) is successful than her Fantana.

In a recent post, Wendy threw another shot at Fantana calling her lazy as she disses her in German saying she has something for her to translate again.

We act local but we think GLOBAL..GLOBAL CHAMPION
Das Internet lügt nicht…manche Künstler können zum Google Übersetzer rennen , aber kann meine Erfolge nicht googeln..
faule Künstlerin
Ich hab wieder was für dich zum übersetzen

The Dutch wendy Shay wrote has been translated by vibeweek.com below

The internet isn’t lying … some artists can run to google translator but can’t google my successes .. lazy artist I have something for you to translate again

See Post below


Source: vibeweek.com

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