Trending: UPSA Students’ long Queue causes massive stir on social media


A video of UPSA Students’ queuing in front of the school’s main entrance has caused massive reactions on social media, after the video went viral on Monday.

The video was posted Monday to the surprise of Ghanaians on Twitter.

It is quite unclear why they have lined up in such a queue, but some are describing the incident as unusual for university students.

What raised more eyebrows was what looked like an attire for all the students in the queue with their black down and white top.

However, insiders are saying the black and white attire is a prescribed uniform for the law students of the university and therefore it may be that they were going through registration of courses for lectures to begin.

Vibeweek has still not uncovered the exact reason why the students had queued up early in the morning, but we hope to feed our readers the details in our subsequent posts.

Meanwhile, this is what Twitter users are saying with regards to the UPSA incident.


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