Tracy reveals how she fell in an unending love for Sarkodie


Tracy Sarkcess, wife of Ghana’s most decorated rapper, Sarkodie, gives an insight into her relationship with Sarkodie. Being interviewed by media personality Berla Mundi on “The Day Show”, Tracy goes into details on how she fell in love with the rapper.

Fans of the rapper look up to them as relationship role models since they have been together for more than a decade.

Questions have been asked throughout the years concerning how they became an exclusive pair. Well, this is the answer to your questions.

Tracy explained on “The Day Show” on TV3 how she got involved with Sarkodie. She continues, saying she basically grew up with the rapper. They had been neighbors since childhood,resided in Tema and were basically schoolmates.

She stated she had no idea Sarkodie was interested in her until she had to move to Germany to continue her education. Tracy revealed that Sarkodie asked her cousin(unknown name) to tell her about his feelings, which she later declined because she had to move and somehow didn’t believe it would work out for them.

“To be honest I didn’t [see how big Sarkodie was going to become]. In my mind, I thought ‘oh maybe at some point I will be able to convince him to come along with me to Germany and he should a job, let’s work and have our kids’. I wasn’t sure about the music.

“We have known each other for quite a long time. Before I left for Germany, we lived in the same neighborhood. So he’s a childhood friend and I know he liked me. He couldn’t tell me. He told my cousin who was living with us that she should come and tell me. It was towards the end when I was about to leave [for Germany] that she told me.

“But at that point was like I don’t know. So I came back. It was actually on a holiday. I had been away for three years. That was the first time that I came back and weirdly enough we reconnected as friends and then ever since then,” Tracy said in the interview.

She later reconnected with the rapper after she returned to Ghana, and the rest is history.

An old picture of Tracy Sarkcess with Sarkodie.

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