Tic Tac Finally speaks on why he sued Wizkid for $82K


Ghanaian Legendary Rapper, Tic formerly TicTac has sued Nigerian Superstar Wizkid for sampling his song.

TicTac pledged to file lawsuit against the African superstar for sampling his 2004 hit song ‘Fefe Nefe’ last year.

However, Tic was criticized publicly for being an attention seeker who wants to trend.

Well, in his Latest interview, Tic has denied that he wanted attention out of the decision he made.

I don’t feel good about trends. I feel good about what I stand for, and what I stand for is protecting my intellectual property as well as protecting what is me. If doing that will make you trend, so be it! I like the fact that I’m trending but I don’t like it that I may sue somebody before I trend” Tic emphasized.

He continued that ” It’s something that musicians wouldn’t like to really do. It’s something that may let you lose some fans and may let you gain some fans. It’s a 50/50 thing. It’s not something that you wake and say you’d wanna do. But when it gets to the point that you have to do it, then you obviously have to do it

Source: Vibeweek.com

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