The church made me a bad girl – Goddess Ginger


Ghanaian singer and social media nudist, Goddess Ginger has revealed why she stopped going to church in a recent interview.

According to Goddess Ginger, she used to be a member of the Lighthouse Chapel International Church but she stopped going to church because she was going through a lot in Church.

The ‘Suro Nipa’ hitmaker indicated that the Pastors in the churches she used to attend tried to sleep with her.

She revealed that some pastors attempted to have their way with her but the church failed to resolve the issue upon several reports to them.

Goddess Ginger further stated that she left the Church because she couldn’t hold it anymore.

Goddess Ginger stated emphatically that the Church spoilt her or made her a bad girl.

“The Church spoilt me..after telling my story to people I heard other stories of girls being raped by some pastors and members of the church.I wasn’t a bad girl when I was attending church but after I left the church one week later I didsome tattoos. I got spoilt in the church before I even quit going to church. I believe in there is God.” Goddess Ginger told First Lady, host of ‘The BrownGH Show’.

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