Reviews: Is the 3Music Awards Living up to Expectations?Are Ghanaians dissapointed?


The Music Award show which is expected to give the VGMA a good run for its money was highly anticipated by music lovers and critics of the VGMA. Their main focus was to see the 3Music Awards excel in all angles thereby giving its keen competitor, the VGMA, a hard nut to crack.

Did we see that? Did we see an improvement from its maiden Edition last year?

This is a typical question, a perfectionist and an Entertainment Analyst like myself will ask, and even go ahead to ask the Event Organiser, Saddiq Abdulai and his Team. I would personally want to share a few notes with them if I get the opportunity to be part of their Post event evaluation meeting.

With my over 7 years working experience as Event Organiser and with the training I have acquired as a PR Preactictioner, I stand to be corrected that there are at least 5 departments or units, every Award show should revolve around during the production face. This includes;

Talent/Artist Performances: The producer/Director arrange the Line Up of Talents to appear on Stage strategically with every decision thought through, depending on their objectives/aims or the concept designed for the production.

Honestly, I believe this did not happen or a lot did not go into this.

The combination of Hosts were not selected based on merit but because Multimedia was the media partners for the show, organisers had to get guys at Multimedia even if they will not be effective in such a role. Lexis Bill is an accomplished Social, Lifestyle & Showbiz Radio Presenter with Joy FM 99.7 but the man was not ready for an Award show of such caliber, which should set out innovative strategies to beat out the VGMA. Her compatibility between both MCs were missing and therefore Audience did not see a lot of comfortability bettwen them. I am not going to serve options to organisers but i think they should know better, with their Host/MC selection next time.

Stage Security: Audience can get the privilege to walk in front of stage at any time without prevention which could cause distraction with Camera, Lighting and blocking the view of other patrons.

There was people who jumped on stage after some Artist finished their performance not from Backstage but Front of the Stage, which is not ethical for an Award show of such caliber, expecting to compete head to head with the VGMAs.

Lighting: It was hard for Artist and Presenters to see the crowd from the stage due to lighting misplacement and improper control. We could see Shadows of Artist casted on the Background screen and even the white background beside the stage. This was not professional and should not be repeated anymore.

Timing: The event which was suppose to start at 7pm rather started close to 11pm, due to improper planning, causing delays in all aspect of the event.

We will come up with other reviews about the 3Music Awards soon!

The Opinions expressed here came from

We do not intend to cause damage or soil the reputation of the 3 Music Award Brand. Our major aim is to help to perfect the show as our responsibilities demand of as Entertainment Watchdog.

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