Relationship Fall-out: Funny face ‘on his knees’ to apologize but Adebayor snubbed him


Funny and his close confidant, footballer Emmanuel Adebayor are falling out as far as their relationship is concerned according to latest media reports.

Funny face was seen with a long post on social media to apologize after the wealthy African footballer unfollowed him on Instagram this week. He disclosed in his apology post Adebayor will forever be his brother.

Funny face Apologizes to Adebayor (Read his apology in the Blue Container)

However, in Adebayor’s latest reaction, he revealed he really want a “relationship not carship”. His post has since gone viral.

Meanwhile, Social media users are asking questions about the fallout of once close pals.

Funny face in his long post also admitted he was wrong by not heeding to Adebayor’s unending advises to him. Some industry players even said he was suffering from mental illness at the time. His behavior seemed awkward to most of his fans who entreated the Actor to tone down his social media activities.

Now, fast forward to July 2020. Funny face is losing out some great relationship with Industry Gurus such as Bola Ray (EIB Network) Fadda Dickson (Despite Media) and notably Adebayor.

Bola Ray met with Funny face to advise him on his social media attacks

Adebayor, after Funny face’s apology, decided to pull up a post with a caption “I need a relationship not Carship”. The video post seemed like an indirect shade to Funny face. A total snub to the ‘Kasoa Trotro‘ actor. He should better up his game on the apologies if only he wants his relationship back with Adebayor.

Funny face apologizes to Adebayor | Curated by Vibeweek Design Team

He must impress him loudly.

Speculations have diffused the entertainment circle about a possible ‘ Gay Affair’ between them. However, both Adebayor and Funny face have denied the allegations. will keep the updates coming in for our readers.

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