Police arrest fetish priest openly attempting to kill little girl for rituals


A fetish priest has been arrested by the Police for kidnapping and attempting to murder a young girl for rituals.

A terrifying video sighted on social media shows that the said ritualist was seen to have charmed and made motionless the little girl, who was ready to be offered to his gods.

The ritualist was then being surrounded by police officers and some residents as he was forced to revive the young girl who he had already entranced.

According to the video posted on Instagram by nostorytv, the ritualist is seen jumping over the motionless girl several times amidst chants to revive her before she regains her consciousness.

After all the jumps, the little girl screamed and woke up from a red carpet she had been laid on.

It is not clear immediately where the terrifying incident happened.

However, it is believed that someone saw him and followed him and at the time he was ready to kill the girl, the police arrived.

Watch Video below:


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