PHOTOS: Amber Rose & her man Alexander “AE” Edwards get forehead tattoos to honor their kids


Amber Rose and her man Alexander “AE” Edwards both got forehead tattoos in honor of their kids.

Amber Rose has two kids; one with Wiz Khalifa and another with AE.
Amber got tattoos of her sons’ names on her forehead while AE got tattoos of both sons’ dates of birth tattooed on his forehead.

On AE’s forehead are the dates 10.10.19 (when Amber gave birth to his son Slash Electric) and 2.21.13 (when Amber’s first son with Wiz Khalifa was born).

Well, people have questioned why AE had to tattoo 2.21.13 on his forehead when Sebastian Taylor Thomaz is not his biological son. Instagram users asked what will happen to the tattoo if he and Amber break up.

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