People don’t make sense, Why should I get married? – Sister Deborah jabs


Sister Derby seems unfazed by the incessant pressure from a section of the public to marry but her response is not the usual ‘God’s time is the best’; rather, a punchline which could be sought after by some rappers in their bid to sound metaphoric for listeners to decipher.

The former girlfriend of rapper Medikal speaking on ‘Vibez in 5’, wore her armor, perhaps justifying a 2016 comment by his brother Wanlov the Kubolor that she is a better rapper than D Black, as she said calls for her to ‘settle down’ has fallen on deaf ears because she is not ‘a dust’.

Though she admitted she is aging, Sister Derby retorted: “People are saying at this age, I should be trying to settle down. Settle down, am I dust?”

“I am never really bothered when I am very sure what the person is saying doesn’t make sense or it’s wrong,” she added.

In what seemed to be a reason she remains unmarried, the musician suggested she may lose her beauty, especially if she falls into the trap of the wrong man.

“.. People are like ‘you are so fresh, you are beautiful, and when will you marry?’… So they should come and spoil my beauty for me?” she quizzed.

Unlike some persons who receive pressure from their relatives to marry, Derby noted that none of her family members has.

She said: “I don’t feel any pressure because my mom has never given me pressure, my father has never given me pressure.”

“When I was in a serious relationship, I didn’t mind settling down… my last serious relationship was with Medikal… I have dated after that but it didn’t go anywhere,” she concluded.

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