Pentecost church elder caught having sex with his brother’s wife.


The church members of Pentecost in Spain, Zaragoza where utterly shocked when they caught their church elder trying to sleep with his brothers wife on camera.

The scene happened in the matrimonial home of the church elder’s brother. According to sources, this deed happened October 8, 2022.

The church members claimed they had noticed the sexual advances between the church elder and his sister in-law but didn’t pay heed to it.

The husband and wife decided to set up the church elder to confirm their suspicion.

The wife (name unknown) invited the church elder in her matrimonial home one afternoon and together with her husband and church members, pranked the church elder to confirm their suspicion. And lo and behold, the church elder started making sexual advances towards his sister in-law once he thought they were alone. Immediately, the husband together with the church members came into the room since everything was being displayed on camera.

The church elder realizing what just happened started pleading to his brother to forgive him.

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