Patapaa cuts short Europe tour, set to tour USA


Patapaa after his amazing performance in Amsterdam and Dusseldorf has decided to cut short his tour of Europe.

According to his manager, Frank Freebody, the award-winning singer would return to Ghana this week and prepare for his USA tour.
“Our tour so far has been amazing and fans were thrilled with the amazing performance from Patapaa, but we decided to cut short the trip due to our impending tour in the United States.

“Fans in the USA are eager to see Patapaa perform for the first time and he’s fired up for the tour but we would still return to Europe later in the year,” he told Ghana News Agency from their base in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

When asked about the authenticity of Queen Pezzy’s car gift to Patapaa on his birthday, Freebody said, “The car has been shipped to Ghana and would be cleared at the ports after our arrival in Ghana.”

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