Osei Kwame Despite’s youngest son Saahene Osei reportedly acquires a new house and car


It is seems Saahene Osei is the only son of the Ghanaian Billionaire, Osei Kwame Despite who loves to flaunt his father’s wealth at anytime he finds himself.

In our latest investigations, we have learnt that Despite youngest son has acquired a brand new house and car.

According to our investigations, he is not living in any of his dad’s numerous houses in Accra or Kumasi, but rather living in a house he got few weeks ago.

Vibeweek cannot tell where exactly the house is located but we believe it is located in a rich neighbourhood in Accra or Kumasi.

However, our source was not able to mention the exact price of the house but it is believed it may worth close to US$100,000. It is not usual for a teenager in Ghana to have a property of such nature.

Meanwhile, Saahene Osei is a High School student who lives in the US.

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