Neymar Alleged Rape Video Surfaces Online, Shows Accuser Beating Neymar Up


The Neymar rape case is suddenly becoming a serious issue as the accuser has been granted permission to purse the rape case against Neymar. Since the allegation came public, Neymar has been releasing various text, whatsapp chat and photos to prove his innocence and maintained he was set up by the lady in question. In his latest move, Neymar released an hotel video that showed the lady attacking him – you can watch the video below:

Here is the transcript of what was said in the video:

Neymar: I don’t wanna be beaten.

Girl: Then you’ll hit me.

Neymar: No, no I do not like it, no.

Girl: But I’m going to hit you! Do you know why? Because yesterday you attacked me and left me here alone!

Neymar: Don’t do that! Calm down. Wait a second! Calm down.
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