Nana Aba Anamoah Advises Instagram over security

She says Men are sexually harrassing her on the Platform

Popular media personality, Nana Aba Anamoah, has shared photos of one of the many men she said were bothering her for wanting to have an affair with her. 

According to the fine TV presenter, there is no single day that passes without her getting messages from those men. 

She revealed that they sent her photos of their manhood while asking her to send her nude photos to them as well. 

One of them has the Instagram username yogesh_sharma_badyal, whose photos Nana Aba splashed on her Instagram page Anamoah said she felt sexually harassed by the situation and called on Instagram to implement a policy which would bar people from doing that to other subscribers. 

She might have been experiencing this awful experience for some time, but now, it seems she could not bear it anymore, hence her decision to expose Yogesh who happened to be used as the scapegoat.

Her post has triggered massive reactions from her fans, with some of them sympathizing with her: 

For instance, an Instagram user, Rebel, said she was sorry for what was happening to Nana Aba: rebel515: “Sorry about that….” 

Fancy, rallying support for Nana Aba, urged other fans to join in reporting the account: fancy_bonnets_by_kelz: “Let us all report the account.” 

Hephie said she was facing the same problem: hephie_: “They’re too many. I face that same issue. It’s depressing. Not trying to be racist or anything but most of them are Indians too! Is that how productive they can be?” 

John plainly told Nana Aba to block the guys: ohnterrytresh: “Block them.” 

Meanwhile, Nana Aba Anamoah has been in the news recently for a beautiful dress she wore to mark Valentine’s Day. She also trended in the news over a report of her baby daddy wearing a beautiful fashion skirt. 

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