Michy replies Shatta Wale over claims he pimps her to big men for money


Michy, Baby Mama of Shatta Wale has spoken after Shatta Wale revealed that he pimped her just to make money for himself

Shatta Wale in a banter with Pope Skinny yesterday disclosed that he used to pimp Michy to other men so he could earn more money.

But in a post today, Michy who has jilted Shatta Wale says she will continue to work on herself to become the best.

To her, she intends to stand firm throughout the storm and make the best out of every situation she finds herself.

Her post read “take a moment out of your time & repeat after me …. insert your name in there & manifest greatness????? THE PLEDGE ????? I ………………….. pledge to :

1. Love myself unapologetically.

2. I promise to learn, evolve & upgrade to the very best version of myself

3. To stand firm no matter what life throws at me;I either WIN OR I WIN. Failure is not an option 

4. At the rise of the sun I will wake up & chase my dreams like usain bolt 

5. I promise to trust the process… PATIENCE + AMBITION = SUCCESS

6. Most importantly, I vow to let God lead cuz when I walk with God, I walk in CONFIDENCE “.

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