Medikal’s shoe for his wedding with Fella Makafui causes stir as close video drops


The shoes Medikal wore for his wedding with his wife Fella Makafui has caused tongues to wag on social media.

In a video said to have been shared by Medikal, he was seen rocking the shoes, however, when many criticisms started coming, Medikal deleted the video.

Many people have given their own opinions about the shoes believing that they were too large for such an occasion.

Adei, for instance, said there was a problem with wearing such a shoe:

mznaaadei: “His shoe tho.”

Stacy gave the shoe a new name:

stacy_afriyie: “La shoe la look like king promise shoe.” To Maquaye,

Medikal’s shoes show that his wedding with Fella was rushed and there was no proper planning:

tooswt_mcquaye_: “U can see everything is not planned at all awwww why the rush.”

He just could not believe his eyes:

tooswt_mcquaye_: “What a shoe amg.”

Adomaa said the shoe put her off:

xoxoxadomaa: “La shoe just put me off. My late grandma will say “Shoe di bongas”.”

Nash said Medikal wanted to break record with his choice of shoe:

veenash100: “If no cars to break record then LA shoe go break record .”

Naa and Safia could also not think far on the shoe:

mznaa_kollections: “Na shoe ben ni” mzz_safia_moh: “This one is boot not shoe.”

Meanwhile, Fella and Medikal’s wedding did not trend without a negative touch.

The bride collapsed at the wedding during a dance with her husband.

She later claimed that it was a prank.

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