Man shoots his girlfriend for infecting him with HIV/AIDS.


A young guy (unknown name) shoots his lover of seven years multiple times for infecting him with HIV/AIDS.

The reporters were informed by neighbors who saw the incident that the man and the girl had been dating for seven years. The woman who was shot appears to have been duped by her best friend since she had been in love with her friend’s lover for a long time.

The woman who was shot reportedly went out with her girlfriend to a club and hooked up with a man she met at the club.

She tells her best friend what occurred at the club since she knows she can trust her, but she subsequently discovers that she has been getting sores on her private parts, which is what prompted her to visit the hospital.

Then it was revealed that she had HIV/AIDS, which she had passed on to her lover since she had been sexually active with him.

Her friend, unable to keep it a secret, revealed it to her friend’s boyfriend.

When the boyfriend discovered he had also contracted the virus while at the hospital for a checkup, he became furious, drove straight to her house, and shot her several times to death.

He was later arrested, and his trial is still ongoing.

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