Lydia Forson defends Ejisuman SHS Girls caught up endorsing sexual immorality


Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson defends female students of Ejisuman Senior High School who have been sacked from boarding following a controversial video they shared on social media.

The video which had gone viral implored other young girls to allow boys to have sex with them.

Shortly after the video went viral, the management of the school sacked seven of the female students involved in the video from its boarding facility for bringing the name of the school into disrepute.

Reacting to this, the “Sidechick Gang” actress took to Twitter to condemn people who are applauding the school’s decision.

According to her, people indulged in all kinds of foolishness when they were students, adding that easy access to social media and electronic gadgets put them in trouble.

“There’s very little these students are doing in school that we didn’t when we were younger,” she tweeted on Tuesday, February 11. “We all indulged in all kinds of foolishness thinking it was funny and trying to be cool. The only difference now is social media and how easy it’s become to record and share.”

She added that the best thing to do now is to educate students on the power of the Internet and how to avoid such ‘silly moment.’

“So, let’s get of our high horses for a minute. Then we can start to educate these children to understand how times have changed now, the power of the internet and how one silly moment can stick with you for life. Too many of them don’t even get how far these videos can go.”

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