Lovely video of Obofour and wife Queen Ciara chopping love goes viral


The founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel, Reverend Kwaku Antwi aka Reverend Obofour and his wife, Queen Ciara keep breaking the norm on how a pastor and his wife should behave in public.

It’s generally believed Christian couples should be reserved and should not show affection in public but Obofour and Ciara are not buying that.

The couple is most often seen chopping crazy love on social media at the least chance they get.

A new video of Queen Ciara and her husband chopping mad love in a car has surfaced on social media and going viral. The two are seen kissing, touching, and showing lovely affection for each other.

It’s just beautiful watching this couple. Indeed, one is not too old to show love to his or her partner even in public.

Watch the video below

After giving birth to two adorable children. Queen Ciara has given birth to triplet last month and Obofour is excited about it.

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