“Legalize Prostitution” – Fuse ODG urges Government


Fuse ODG has urged the Ghanaian Government to consider legalizing prostitution.

The popular Ghanaian music star Fuse Odg was recently engaged in an interrogation with Joy FM on the topic whether or not prostitution should be legalized in Ghana.

This topic has been on the grounds for a while now and the UK-based Ghanaian artiste, Fuse Odg is campaigning for the legalization of prostitution as a profession in Ghana.

The Ghanaian star who saw nothing wrong with prostitution stated clearly that it is their own body and they have the right to use it anyhow they wish to use it, including selling it for money if they want to.

He continued by informing the government to legalize prostitution in order to protect the women who are engaged in it. He also said ‘Ghanaian should be open minded about sex since they are having the sex anyway’.

Yes. I would say yes. Legalize it.’, he told Joy FM.

He continued, ‘Legalize the work that these women are doing to protect them. I feel like they deserve protection. It is their body’.

He said Ghanaians should be open minded about sex and talk about it since they are having the sex anyway. ‘You are saying sex is not wrong. I feel like Ghanaians are so scared to talk about sex’, he said.

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