Kurl Songx, Kaywa clash over song theft allegation


Award-winning producer and owner of Highly Spiritual Music, Kaywa, has described as ‘untrue’ allegation of song theft made against him by his former artiste, Kurl Songx.

The singer had claimed on Hitz FM that ‘Dwe’ – a popular song by Mr. Drew and Krymi – was his but was given to the former label mates after he had a misunderstanding with label boss Kaywa.

According to Kurl Songx, Kaywa gave the beat to him to compose the song when he was with the label, only to allow Mr. Drew and Krymi copy his melody and create a similar tune after his exit from the label.

‘’The ‘Dwe’ song is my song. You can call Kaywa and ask. He played the beat and sent it to me… I wrote the song and everybody in the studio said it was a hit so we decided to send it to Shatta Wale. He said he was going to do it; [then] little issues started coming,’’ he alleged.

“The melodies and all, it is me. Diana Asamoah… where does Drew know Diana Asamoah? Drew didn’t write the song so where does he know all these things? Kaywa should come and tell me I am lying,’’ Kurl Songx added.

Responding to the allegations, Kaywa, without equivocation said the claims are false. He posited that his former signee may be leveling the unfounded allegations to gain attention and promote his new song.

“There’s no line in the verses, that belongs to Kurl Songx, the allegations are entirely untrue,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Drew has been reacting to the allegation. Like Kaywa, he asserts it is a plot by Kurl Songx to create a buzz around his song.

“We sat in the studio for three weeks to make this song, to get these verses people are enjoying so where from this? If you want to hype your song, hype your song with something else. I’m really shocked. This is our intellectual property and you’re putting out wrong information which is very bad,” he said in a video clip.

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