Kumawood actresses and actors engage in a serious fight on set


Ghpage News has chanced on a video that captures some Kumawood actresses and actors engage in a serious fight on set.

The scuffle between the movie stars as sighted in the video was very ‘dirty’ and dangerous.

In the video, two ladies first started the fight, after one of the actresses on set insulted the other.

The insulted and enraged actress pounced on the other actress like a hungry cat who has seen meat, beating the hell out of her.

The two actresses identified as France and Mimi according to source were close friends until one insulted the other right before the eyes on their movie director and other crew members.


In a flash, the men (actors) who were at the scene trying to settle the heat between the two actresses also started to trade heavy blows. Only God knows what caused that to happen.

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