Ken Ofori-Atta either a liar or clueless – 3Music Awards founder fires


The CEO of 3Music Awards, Sadiq Abdulai Abu has tagged the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta as a ‘liar and clueless’.

The minister during his 2020 budget reading on Wednesday, November 13 listed the creative arts industry as one of the incumbent government’s achievements since assuming office in 2017.

According to the founder of 3Music Awards, it is a complete dishonesty on the part of the Finance Minister concerning creative arts industry.

He said the minister has refused to make budget allocations for the sector ‘because that organisation doesn’t exist’.

Sadiq described the statement as a ‘deceptive communication’ and further called on fellow industry people to ‘scrutinise the budget statement well’ because the minister is a liar.

He wrote (unedited): “It’s either Ken Ofori-Attah is a liar or he is simply clueless. As a finance minister, he is yet to make allocations in fact refused to make funds available to a unit under the tourism ministry for fear of being cited for causing financial loss to the state. Why? Because that organisation doesn’t exist.

In this country, laws back the establishment of state organisations. The same laws mandate other state organisations to officially interact and correspond with these legally established organisations. So his actions relative to not making funds available to this unit is in order.

What’s interesting to note is that, today and after declining to correspond to a “yet to be” established organisation, you announced to the whole world that it’s one of your achievements in 32 months. What kind of deceptive communication is that? Guys scrutinise the budget statement well. Ken Ofori Attah is a liar. It’s likely he lied about other areas too. #LiarsBrigade.”

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