India launches satellite to detect enemy radar, 28 foreign payloads


India’s space agency ISRO has successfully launched the electronic intelligence satellite EMISAT from its Sriharikota space launch station in the southern part of the country.

The payload was accompanied by 28 Nanosatellites, which India launched on behalf of foreign clients.
The 436-kg EMISAT satellite was launched from the Sriharikota launch pad in southern India, and was now orbiting 749 kilometres about the Earth, the Indian Space Research Organisation said.
Defence analyst Brahma Chellaney said the low-earth orbit EMISAT would serve as a military reconnaissance and intelligence satellite.

The satellite will monitor and give locations for enemy radar sites, broadcaster NDTV reported.
24 of the small satellites were from the United States, two from Lithuania and one each from Spain and Switzerland.

The launch came days after India conducted an anti-satellite missile test and claimed to become the fourth “space power’’ possessing anti-satellite weapon capability.

For the first time, the public was invited to view the launch from the space centre.

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