‘I want to lie on a mattress before I die’ , The dying wishes of an old woman | Watch Video


You may have an earnest dream to build a mansion or drive a posh car before you depart from earth but an old lady, Yaya Kwanjit, in a deprived community of Saanbona in the North East region has just one dying wish: to lie on a mattress.

Yaya does not know her age, yet she firmly maintains that she is way younger than she looks currently. She blames poverty for draining all youthful juices in her – leaving her blind and old.

She lost her sight after giving birth to her second child, a condition she believes would not have afflicted her if she had money.

She tries to define what poverty means to her: “poverty is when you depend on people for everything. Poverty is when you can’t eat your favourite food. I want to eat banku, fish, rice, koose, drink malt and other drinks but I have no means. This is what I consider as poverty.”

She recounts that her two sons travelled to southern Ghana in search of supposed better living conditions but only one visits her occasionally. The other son, however, has never returned but Yaya harbours no hard feelings she blames his long absence on poverty.

She said, “my son was very young when he left. This community is very poor so he had no choice but to leave. I heard he had a family down south but he has never contacted me. I don’t blame him I know life is hard down south”.

Many times she is left to battle life alone. She gropes for her stick and does virtually every domestic chore herself. On this particular day, she lights a fire and prepares tuo zaafi with okro, a food she has grown tired of eating but has no choice but to eat and survive.

“Sometimes I want to drink malt, eat banku and other meals but I can’t afford”, she added.

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