I want a relationship not carship – Adebayor fires Funny Face after he unfollowed him


Togolese International Footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor has lashed out his friend Funny face after he unfollowed him on Instagram.

The relationship between both celebrities is gradually fading off within this few days.

Vibeweek.com‘s check revealed that Adebayor unfollowed the Ghanaian Comedian over funny face’s behavior on social media lately. Some social media users have given thumbs up to Adebayor’s move, others have criticized it.

However, Funny face has taken to social media to issue out his reaction concerning Adebayor’s move to unfollow him on Instagram. He said the Togolese Star still remains his brother for life.

Meanwhile, Adebayor has replied to Funny Face in a shocking post. He said “I want relationship not carship”. Although, his reply was not a direct reaction to funny face but industry experts believe it was a shade to the ‘Kasoa Trotro‘ actor.

I want a relationship not carship - Adebayor fires Funny Face
Adebayor fires Funny Face after he unfollowed him

How it all started

Funny face has been in the news lately, starting was his beef with colleague Actors, Kojo Nkansah Lil Win, Kalybos and his long time friend Bismark the Joke. He was publicly attacking these actors for hating on him and his success in the industry. He threatened to expose them on several occasions until the matter faded off.

Later, he was seen on most media platforms raising concerns about his wife running away with his twin daughters. Then, Adebayor came in to cool his tempers and cautioned him to stop the media rants and solve the issue behind close doors.

Vibeweek has learnt that Funny face failed to comply with all the advise from his close friend who has shown him love from the start of his career to date. This sparked some different feeling in the heart of the Wealthy footballer, who has unfollowed Funny face on social media platform – Instagram.

Our Question now is, Why is everybody going out of Funny face’s life? First it was his first wife – Adwoa Elizabeth, then Lil Win, Kalybos, Bismark the Joke and then a UK women who said Funny face owes her. Then now, his close confidant Adebayor.

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