I Don’t Need Any Cheap Publicity — Says Kumawood Actor, Bill Asamoah


Popular Kumawood actor, Bill Asamoah has stated clearly during an interview that he doesn’t entertain any publicity stunts in his career.

According to him, unlike the colleague actors who are killing themselves for fame, he is very disciplined and also content with the little he has and that has kept him relevant for this number of years in the movie industry.

“I love what I do and I do it for the passion, hence the reason I have been around for this long. Most of these young ones just want fame for their personal reasons but after the fame what else? I don’t need cheap publicity for anything.

“When I started acting, I did it with all the passion without even thinking about the money. With hard work, the money came automatically but that is not what we see now. Most of these young ones are doing anything for fame and when that happens, they fall off so quick.

“I am disciplined when it comes to my job and every producer I have worked with can attest to that. I make sure I deliver what I am told to do and I execute it well. I always try my best to do what I know best and do it so well that producers don’t complain about it,” he told Showbiz.

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