Gospel Industry Has Lost God’s Glory – Piesie Esther


A lot of reasons have been assigned for why the Gospel music industry does not seem to be as vibrant as it used to be.
While some stakeholders, such as the artistes, have claimed that disunity is to blame, others think it is a general music industry problem.

However, for one of the artistes in the sector, Piesie Esther, the problem is spiritual. According to her, the industry is going down because they (musicians) have lost the glory of God.

“When the favour or glory of God is not on you anymore, things do not go well for you. That is really our problem now, our actions and deeds have fallen short of the glory of God.”

“Many of us think we have arrived; the moment God raised us up, we thought we had made it and decided to do things our way but God does not work like that.
“He brought you to where you think you have gotten to so he has the right to take you back when you are not doing what you are supposed to do.

“Doing Gospel is not all about singing, you need to change lives and if you are not doing that, why should the Master keep you in business? That is why we are suffering today,” she told Showbiz recently.
Piesie Esther said their predecessors used their gift well and laid a good foundation but they, the new crop of Gospel artistes had deviated from that.

“Those who came before us did so well in laying the foundation for us to continue. This is not to say that they did not have their issues, they did but they were not as much as we are seeing today.
“Today, the only thing we know as Gospel artistes is to flaunt our wealth and get involved in all kinds of scandals just to make the news.

“It is rather the Gospel, and the things we preach in our songs are the things that are supposed to bring us into the limelight.
“This is not to say that everyone is like that, there are some who are doing what they have to do and I am one so it hurts me that the industry is what it is today. The issues are too many; the envy, bickering, backbiting are just too much,” she stated.
Piesie Esther also spoke about how the division in the Gospel industry has gotten to the point where some artistes will not perform at certain events because another artiste they are not talking to is on the bill.

“It is that bad to this extent; when an event organiser calls you, they will ask if there is someone you are not cool with and don’t want to see on the bill or if you are okay with this other artiste being part of the event. According to them, they encounter such situations when booking artistes for shows and it is bad,” she said.

When asked what could be done to bring the Gospel music industry back to its former glory, the Mente Asie singer said they needed to go back to God.
“We have to go back to our first love; we have to go back and seek the face of God, we need to ask for forgiveness.
“We need to let go of things of the world and ask the Holy Spirit to come back to us, that is the only way we can make the impact we want. The Bible even says it; that when we fall short, we should go back to the cross and everything will be fine,” she explained.

Piesie Esther first came to national attention with her debut Apae Ama Me album in 2002 and followed it up with Mente Asie in 2008 and Ziba Beko in 2011.
She earned nominations in the Gospel Artiste of the Year and Gospel Song of the Year categories at the 2009 Ghana Music Awards .

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