Funny Face dares to take back all the panties he bought for US Lady


Funny as the the headline sounds right? It really does.

Funny face has swore to take back everything he bought for her ex-girlfriend, Mary Ama Boansi, including the Panties he bought.

The US Based Ghanaian Lady has filed a lawsuit against Funny Face for allegedly owing her over $53K and also defrauding under false pretense.

Funny face came out to react to the allegations, claiming his lawyers will deal with her as he told his fans to calm down because there is no reason to panic.

The Award winning Ghanaian Comedian has therefore come at her ex again, claiming to take back all the panties he bought for her when they were dating over a year ago.

At the moment, Ama Boansi has not responded to the recent comment by Funnyface.

We will keep our readers updated on this story at every point in time.

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