Funny Face bashes the media for Reporting Bad News than Good News


Actor/Comedian Funny Face has descended heavily on the Media for having the keen interest in reporting Bad news than Good news.

Funny face over the week has been in the news for the wrong reasons. He has been sued by a US Lady for allegedly defrauding her of about $53K.

In his responds, Funny Face told his fans to stay calm as his Lawyers are working to bring a closure to the matter.

In his recent post on Social Media, the Award winning Actor feels disappointed in the media for promoting the negative story about him rather than taking the time to publicized the positive development in his career for the past 17 years.

Funny face posted an article purportedly to be written by Entertainment Analyst, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo.

Arnold Baidoo in his facebook post spoke on how bad news travel among humans. He stated “One bad news and he is all over the place…but please be reminded that scientific research depicts that the human is attuned to negative news than positive

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“ Gye NYAME “ am ex who wants a comeback and did not get it .. a woman you drove to Asante Agona to see her relatives and because of some issues dat I can’t say here .. cos da issue is in court .. and u couldn’t be together … threatens to tarnish ur image and comes and say all da time I have been with u .. calculated , u owe me some money cos u broke up with me .. cos of my attitude.. dat I have begged over to change , .. hmmm and all of a sudden am a bad person ? Wao .. life ..!! Pls radio stations , Tv stations and some media bloggers .. pls enough of the calls and all of a sudden pretending like u people love me ! I needed da hype 17 years ago .. since I started showbiz and my project for children .. Hmmm pls no need to explain myself .. those who genuinely love me and knows I can’t do dat .. are more dan da negative ones .. forever I rule .. ❤️🙏 the #CHILDRENPRESIDENT my #ELLAandBELLA👯 KASOA VANDAMME “ ei go over you “

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