Fella wanted to be my friend to get close to MDK and ‘chop him better’ behind me – Sister Derby


Deborah Vanessa has told Vibe In Five that she refused to be friends with Fella Makafui because she wanted to be close to her so she does not find out her man was sleeping with her.

According to her, Fella Makafui came close to her on several occasions and wanted to be her friend but she refused the gesture because she felt she (Fella) didn’t want her to suspect her (Debie) man was sleeping with her.

“You know we women when we are sleeping with your man, we tend to want to come close to you so that you do not suspect that we are sleeping with your man.”

However, Sister Debbie noted that after several failed attempts to be close to her failed, Fella Makafui started shoving her affair with Medikal in her face and that she could not stand it and had to leave because it became disrespectful.

She added that her family was disappointed when she broke up with Medikal after both of them had enjoyed a wonderful time during their relationship.

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