Asamoah Gyan & Wife’s Reaction after DNA Results


Late last week, Black Stars Skipper Asamoah Gyan and his wife Gifty Gyan dominated media headlines following the outcome of the DNA results that was conducted at the instance of the former through a court order to ascertain the true paternity of their three children.

It emerged that all three were for the embattled player contrary to claims they were not his which sought to suggest the woman was sleeping around a development she has not been enthused about and could press further charges.

The prying lenses of has been scouting to see the reactions of the two who refused to exchange pleasantries at the DNA sample taking somewhere in January 2019 at Medilab in Accra.

Videos have emerged of both shading each other with Ghanaian gospel tunes following what could best be described as a vindication for the woman and a defeat of the Black Stars player who claimed he was broke in one of his appearance in court.

Asamoah Gyan in addition to the DNA, gathered, was pushing for the annulment of the marriage to Gifty Gyan which was a leeway for him to escape paying huge compensation to mother of his three children on grounds the marriage technically never existed.

According to him, all Ghanaian leaders know is to take glory when citizens are faced with challenges they have been elected to find solutions to.

Don Little made this known in an interview with Joy News.

He mentioned that Ghana has several people going through diverse struggles but politicians and other leaders of the country have paid a deaf ear to their plight but always focus on things that will get them hailed.

He noted that Ghanaian leader are wicked and do not represent the interest of the masses who voted them to power.

Don Little mentioned that with time, most Ghanaians will die because of the problems engulfing them because times are hard but politicians and other leaders only think of what they and their family will get.
But the lady understands, is pushing for a divorce insisting it was a legal marriage under the laws of the country in order for the footballer to bear the brunt of his actions after subjecting her to international disgrace which sought to suggest she was sleeping around.

Gyan through his lawyer Mr Edwin Kusi Appiah in November last year stated he was annulling the marriage saying “Our client has noted the level of misinformation as well as the veiled and sometimes open attempt to discredit him, his family and or his friends and therefore we write for and on behalf of Mr Asamoah Gyan on matters that have come to his attention because they have been largely publicized and talked about within the media space across the country.”

It continued “Our client has no interest in discussing his marriage in public but the only correction he wishes to make on the foregoing is that the process that is ongoing at an Accra High Court is not a petition for divorce but an annulment process.”

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