Efia Odo’s outfit for Glitz Fashion Week got everyone talking.


Ghanaian socialite, Efia Odo has everyone’s heads turning as she displays her breasts in her wild outfit.

Brand influencer and actress, Eia Odo, who attended this year’s Glitz Fashion Week, has everyone talking about the outfit she wore for the occasion.

Even though many were not surprised at her outfit since she usually wears skimpy clothes, fans were still disappointed that she wore an outfit that displayed her nipples for the fashion show.

Other fans praised her for looking good, whilst some showed their disdain for her outfit since youngsters look up to her.

“How can she wear a dress showing her nipples to a fashion show chaii, and our daughters are looking up to her pfff,” one fan commented.

She wore a transparent boob tape and matched it with a pink high-slit skirt.

Despite the unperturbed eyes that glared at her,she seemed confident in her outfit as she sat on the front row and was having fun dancing to the music being played.

She shared the photos on her Twitter page and captioned it “Melt in ya mouth like m&m’s”.

Pictures Efia Odo shared on her page.

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