Eazzy reveals Problems MzVee could be facing at Lynx Entertainment


Ghanaian singer Eazzy has revealed that fellow singer MzVee is likely to be facing the same ordeal she went through at Lynx Entertainment.

According to the ‘Wengeze’ hitmaker, MzVee may seem silent in the industry because she may have been somewhat sidelined at Lynx Entertainment.

In an interview with Abeiku Santana on UTV, the singer lamented about the ordeals that she went through as a female artiste under her former record label Lynx Entertainment. 

Eazzy linked the current silence of MzVee in the music scene to how she was somewhat sabotaged during her time with the label. She recalled how Richie Mensah, CEO and main producer at Lynx Entertainment shifted attention to Asem, thereby putting her career on hold. Eazzy explained that when Asem came on the label, Richie Mensah and the team shifted attention to Asem. The ‘Go Wind’ hitmaker noted that Richie Mensah’s attitude at the time sort of put her career on hold. Eazzy, when asked if what she went through could be the same ordeal MzVee might be going through, responded in the affirmative.

She insinuated that Richie Mensah may have shifted attention from MzVee to artistes Kidi and Kuami Eugene

Prior to this comment by Eazzy, rumors circulated that MzVee sort of disappeared in the music industry especially in 2018 because of the signing of Kidi and Kuami onto the record label. When MzVee was not releasing music, rumors broke out that she was pregnant and getting married to her rich boyfriend. Weeks later, MzVee, in an Instagram post, denied getting pregnant or married like some media outlets reported. Even though she did not reveal why she has not been releasing new music, the ‘Natural Girl’ hitmaker assured that she will bounce back with lot of songs. YEN.com.gh cannot say if MzVee bouncing back with hit songs will be under Lynx Entertainment or a new record label.

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