Duncan Williams’ son blasts his father for arresting him and calling his mother a witch


Daniel Duncan Williams seemingly is not done with causing more damage to the reputation of his father and Duncan William’s family at large.

The ‘unruly’ son of the renowned preacher got the whole country talking yesterday when he released a series of indecent videos on social media.

What may be the real cause of his sudden change and newly adopted behaviour is not known to the core but from a video we’ve chanced on, we can draw some conclusions.

In a new video available to us and also in circulation on social media, Daniel Williams was heard blasting his father for arresting him and calling his mother a witch.

His outbursts come after he was arrested 3 times for reasons that he was moving to his mother’s house and worst of it all to break up with his longtime girlfriend Abena.


Duncan Williams’ son blasts his father

In much pain, his father’s action of calling for his arrest made him lose the love of his life leaving no trace or whatsoever to get in contact again with her, hence his beserk lifestyle.

Narrating his ordeal after his arrest, he said the Ghanaian jail had some pisses on the floor, unlike the American jail where it has cleaners and other essential service providers keep it neat.

On the issue of his father calling his mother a witch, he said a man of God as he claims shouldn’t call people witches because that is not God’s way of treating people.

He questioned his father if he actually knows God as he’s always stood before the public to declare. He slammed him and called him an ‘idiot’ for living the opposite.

Meanwhile, he’s been arrested again in the US and taken to a psychiatric hospital for mental evaluation at the request of his family.

Policemen numbering not less than 4 visited the house of Daniel whom they appeared to know soo well arrested him when he was having one of his live videos.

This comes just a few hours after the family of the young man revealed he is going through mental problems and has relapsed.

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