District level elections opens 7am and ends 5pm tomorrow


Voting opens at 7am and ends at 5pm in all polling stations across the country. EC officials say any qualified voter in queue after the exercise ends, will be served, but no new numbers will be added.

The elderly, persons with disability and others with special needs will be given priority and special attention by the polling officials.
The purpose of the District level election is to elect new members to the district assemblies and unit committees in the electoral areas.

At the polling centre, a qualified voter has the responsibility to ensure that all ballot papers bear the valid stamp of the EC.
A biometric verification device, BVD will be used to identify all registered voters at the voting centre.
EC officials say it is an offence to vote more than once, compel someone to vote in a particular way or obstruct a voter from freely exercising his or her franchise.

At the end of the day, the Presiding Officer will in the presence of the agents’ count and announce the results immediately after the close of polls.
EC says it is ready for the elections on Tuesday, December 17.

Director of Training at the EC, Mike Boadu says all the officials have been well resourced to ensure the success of the exercise.
Turn-out is a concern to some election stakeholders because historically participation has been low, averaging about 41-45percent, according to the EC.

Local government pundits believe that decision making should start from the grassroots and that is why who you vote to enter the District Assembly or occupy the unit committee position is critical to the overall development of our democracy.

SOURCE: gbcghanaonline

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