Delay was nobody when I met her – Afia Schwarzenegger laments in Latest Interview


Clearly, the last of the hoary spat between Afia Schwarzenegger and Deloris Delay is yet to be seen after another bombardment has been fired against Delay.

The grudge between the two famous personalities has been ongoing for years with jabs being directed at each other, whether indirect or subliminal.

According to the popular Ghanaian comedienne and TV host, Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa, her onetime friend Delay was “nil” when she met in 2006 but brags she is the one behind her (Afia Schwar’s) attainment. 

Afia revealed that “I had my own car, I was even the one funding the “Presenters Guild” production in 2006 and I was happily married to my dead Ex-husband. When I met Delay I was the CEO of Dolphy Music production, I was the first person to buy Quata’s song, I carry money in my car booth to sort out payola”, the Atigya host told Abeiku Santana on Atuu.

She disclosed that, Delay was below the standard of friends she use to hang out with. 

When I met Delay she had no fancy dresses, she was always in spaghetti shirt and trousers, she can curse herself if she defends it, she even said girls who wear sleeveless tops are prostitutes”, said Afia.

“Everyone has a humble beginning but Delay was bad, my friends always quizzed why I walked with her because she didn’t have any level of swag. Regardless of everything, I believed in her because she was strong-minded and had great vision, she was hilarious like me so I liked her so much”, She said.

Afia revealed that “The night before our first shooting for the Afia Schwar series, Delay held my hand and told me, “Moda don’t let recognition get into your head for our beautiful friendship to break because we’ve come too far”. 

According to Afia she didn’t disclose some of the handlings Delay gave her and when she starts people will wonder why she has kept mute all this while.
“I will not lay down my pride for any of those people I have “breastfed” before, I can go to an extent for you because I love and cherish you as a friend but I am not your slave”.

I have seen it all, I use to wash Delay’s dresses, I cook and clean before she goes to work, I was more like a house girl, I came to stay with her because my husband died in South Africa and all my inheritance were sold cheaply, it was just by the grace of God I survived, said Afia.

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