Dating a pastor would make me uncomfortable – Xandy Kamel


There has been instances where gospel musicians get married to pastors to depict how in-line they are with their gospel music careers.

But, Ghanaian controversial actress, Xandy Kamel says she cannot date a pastor because she cannot live a fake life.

Speaking on Adom FM’s morning show Work and Happiness,Ms Kamel said dating a pastor would make her uncomfortable.

She said her statement, however, isn’t intended to jab any wife of a pastor but personally “she doesn’t want to associate herself with a man of God.”

She plainly told host OPD that, “I cannot live a fake life. I am not saying pastors’ wives are fake but I can’t associate myself with someone I am not comfortable with.”

Asked who she could date between a footballer and a radio presenter, Ms Kamel opted for a presenter over a footballer indicating long distance relationship can be difficult for her to cope with.

“With a footballer, I cannot date him. I could consider a radio presenter, but a pastor is out of the equation,” she disclosed.

Ms Kamel is part of the tall list of stars expected to grace Asempa FM ‘Walk with the Stars’ this Saturday, April 6, 2019.

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